Transform Your Relationship With Food: The Psychology Behind Nutrition by Wise & Well Academy

Transform Your Relationship With Food: The Psychology Behind Nutrition

A step-by-step program to break free from restricting, yo-yo dieting, and overeating

Pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and reflect on the following questions with me ...

  • Have you ever tried and failed a diet?
  • Do you find it difficult to make healthy food choices?
  • Do you beat yourself up for caving into "bad" foods instead of choosing "good" foods?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you can't control your eating?
  • Are you unsure of where to even begin when it comes to nutrition?
If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this course may be exactly what you need.

Let's be real. Nutrition can be incredibly difficult. We all need food to survive ... but it can be challenging to ensure we're eating the right types and amounts of foods in order to THRIVE.
"I'm a picky eater. After high school, I realized that I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and still feel healthy, but I wasn't completely sure what I was supposed to be eating. There's so much information on the internet telling me different things. Throughout this course, Kara keeps things simple and focused on me. Sometimes, there are no one-size-fits all solutions. So I like that this course helps me understand my own needs and behaviors."
Dani, 25

But let's hold up for a hot second.

I have a few more questions for you.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have finally developed a positive relationship with food.

...How would it feel to effortlessly make positive nutrition choices?

...How would it feel to no longer obsess over "good" vs. "bad" foods?

...How would it feel to enjoy foods you love and be able to stop when you're full?

...How would this change your mindset, your self-confidence, your relationships, or your overall wellness in general?

The information you're about to learn has completely transformed my relationship with food and eating, and it can do the same for YOU.

I'm happy to share that I ...

  • No longer view carbs as evil (yep - pasta, potatoes, and even bread are all part of my regular meals!)
  • No longer obsessively track my calorie intake (I've broken up with MyFitnessPal and, gasp, to my surprise I haven't gained weight)
  • No longer feel compelled to eat the whole pan of cookies (1 or 2 fresh out of the oven, and I'm satisfied!)
  • No longer go to bed feeling like a failure (no more daily binges or negative self-talk)
"Moving from Italy to the United States for graduate school was SO exciting, but it was also a very overwhelming period of my life. I was in a new place with so many unfamiliar and exciting foods to try!
The course exercises are helping me understand what types of foods to best fuel my body with, and how my upbringing and new environment in Chicago influence what I eat. This new awareness is allowing me to be more intentional with the types of things I choose to eat. And I'm relieved that I don't have to give up the foods I love (pasta lovers unite!). I highly recommend this course for anyone who is struggling with healthy food habits."
Nico, 28

I want to make this easy for you.

You don't have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a graduate psychology degree and spend years learning it the hard way. I've already done that for you an I want to teach you the best of what I know when it comes to making sustainable lifestyle changes.

In other words, I did the heavy lifting, so you can reap the benefits in a fraction of the time and cost.

So, let's dig a littler deeper here ... what is your biggest motivation to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating in the first place? What's your "why"?

Let me tell you about myself. For me, I can describe it with just one word - FREEDOM!

I want to have ...

... freedom from self-defeating thoughts

... freedom from time and energy-wasting fad diet trends

... freedom from unhealthy food obsessions

... freedom to focus on other things that matter to me in life (beyond constantly thinking about what I'm having for dinner or the fact that I helped myself to a second, or third, serving of brownies when I told myself I wouldn't).

If that's something that you want, then understanding simple nutrition fundamentals, building your self-awareness, and engaging in psychology-backed techniques to drive long-term lifestyle change is what will give you that freedom.

Go ahead! Enroll now and let's transform your relationship with food

I'm SO excited for you as you embark on this important life journey.
"Kara has been one of my biggest motivators (and motivators of others around me) when it comes to living healthy. I'm excited to see what's in store for me (and I'm hoping I can convince my mom to join in on the final challenge, too!)."
Angela, 34

What's included?

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Course Introduction: Congrats on Beginning Your Journey!
What Can You Expect?
6 mins
My Story. My Struggles. YOUR Journey.
6 mins
What The Heck Does "Overall Wellness" Mean?
5 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Taking Your Overall Wellness Inventory
5 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Overall Wellness Inventory
239 KB
The Simple Science Behind Eating Behaviors
The Many Influences of "What" We Eat And "Why"
7 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Symptoms & So What?
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Symptoms & So What?
281 KB
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 1: Eat Food
Keep It Simple!
8 mins
Become a Nutrition Label Ninja
13 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Nutrition Label Ninja
58.3 KB
Whole Foods Rule!
What To Eat Every Day
2 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Daily Dozen Scavenger Hunt
139 KB
Lovin' Some Legumes
2 mins
Fruits for Life
5 mins
Mom Knows Best - Eat Your Veggies!
5 mins
Don't Forget The Flax, Nuts, & Seeds!
5 mins
Carbs are NOT Evil
3 mins
Gimme Alllll The Spices
3 mins
Wait There's More - Water + Workouts!
3 mins
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 2: Not Too Much
Why We Overeat
4 mins
Brain-Induced Cravings
4 mins
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Mind Over Matter
29.6 KB
Food Packaging: Friend or Foe?
6 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Don't Be Deceived
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Don't Be Deceived
72 KB
Social & Environmental Influencers
8 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Social & Environmental Influences
28.1 KB
A Deep Dive Into Emotional Eating
SECTION PRE-ASSESSMENT: Emotional Eating Inventory
62.1 KB
What You Should Know About Restrained Eating
14 mins
ASSIGNMENT: 80/20 Rule Planner
172 KB
What You Should Know About Mood-Based Eating
9 mins
105 KB
ASSIGNMENT: Feeling Out Your Feelings
58.2 KB
What You Should Know About Impulse Eating
4 mins
ASSIGNMENT: The Impulsive Eating Wheel
119 KB
Fuel Your Body Fully
Too Much of a Good Thing or Not Enough?
8 mins
ASSIGNMENT: 3-Day Food Journal
284 KB
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 3: Mostly Plants
Myth Busters: Plant Edition!
17 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Personal Protein Needs
790 KB
ASSIGNMENT: 20 Ways to Save (& Eat Well)
38.2 KB
The Power of Plants: Preventing & Reversing Chronic Disease
14 mins
ASSIGNMENT: In a World Without Chronic Disease...
23.2 KB
7-Days Plant-Strong Test Drive
2 mins
RESOURCE: 7-Day Plant-Based Kick-Start
182 KB
Course Wrap-Up: Time to Begin Your 4-Week Wise & Well Challenge!
Psychology Hacks To Make Your Transformation Stick
11 mins
Put Your Learning to Work (28-Day Challenge!)
3 mins
Your Final Challenge!
111 KB
BONUS RESOURCE: Digital Journal Prompts
41.4 MB

psychology-backed resources to help you live a happier, healthier, and more productive life

At Wise & Well Academy, we've embraced a holistic understanding of overall wellness and we're building a passionate & tight-knit community of wellness warriors who are eager to grow their minds, their bodies, and their careers.

Become a member of our tribe & start your transformation - we'd be SO happy to have you! ❤


What if I fall behind?

Don't sweat it! The course is self-paced, so you can log in and learn when it's most convenient for you. Leaving the country for vacation? Enjoy! The materials will be here upon your return. Taking longer to complete the assignments than you anticipated? It's ok. You have lifetime access, so take your time.

Really?! Lifetime access?

Yes - absolutely! After you enroll, you'll have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

How much time will the course take to complete?

The lectures are spaced out across 4 weeks. You can expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours per week viewing lectures, engaging in self-reflection exercises, and completing your applied assignments. The more time you invest into the course content, the better equipped you'll be to finally embrace healthier thinking patterns an behaviors.

Why can't I access all the modules at once?

I'm a psychologist by trade, and I know that the more information you cram into your mind in one sitting, the less likely you'll be able to retain and use all your newly acquired knowledge! My job is to help you successfully transform yourself. To do that, you'll need time to absorb the content and put your key learnings into practice. Every week (for 4 weeks), you'll get access to a selection of lectures and activities. This sequencing will space out the content and make your learning more manageable. Don't worry - I'll send you an e-mail each week as your new content becomes available!

Do I need to follow a specific diet for this course?

NO! In fact, I'd go as far as saying that this course is anti-diet. Instead of focusing on what you cannot eat, I'm an advocate of keeping it simple. So, we'll focus on nutrient-packed foods you should strive to add to your existing meals while making gradual changes over time. Baby steps, my friend. If you're searching for comprehensive nutritional advice, I recommend making an appointment with a registered dietician.

Will I lose weight?

It depends! If you've been a chronic overeater, improving your relationship with food will likely result in fewer calories consumed and weight loss over time. This course is intended to extend above and beyond weight loss, though. During my journey, I dropped weight, improved my mood, broke my binge eating cycle, and got to a place where I can enjoy (surprisingly nutritious foods) I previously labeled as "bad". Those were all huge WINS for me!

I can't afford a one-time payment. Advice?

I've been there before, conflicted over a purchase because I know the product will truly help me improve my life, but I'm not sure I can afford a single payment. I've got you covered! Enroll in the course using a payment plan & you'll be able to make payments over the course of 6 months.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.