Welcome to your Wise & Well Academy Course, Transform Your Relationship With Food: The Psychology Behind Nutrition.

In this video, you'll be provided a course overview and an understanding of what to expect.

In addition, here are some pro-tips to ensure you're prepped and ready to learn & transform!

  1. Use a folder or binder to store and refer back to your course materials.
  2. If your schedule is hectic - you can learn on the timeline that works best for you! Feel free to pause the curriculum and come back when your schedule allows.
  3. Open your mind and be ready to challenge yourself. Change requires an open and eager mindset.
  4. Feel free to leave comments to engage in meaningful conversation with your fellow peers!

And, hey... GOOD LUCK as you begin your health and wellness journey!


I'd love to get to know you! I encourage you to take a few moments to introduce yourself in the discussion section, below. You could share:

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Transform Your Relationship With Food: The Psychology Behind Nutrition

A step-by-step program to break free from restricting, yo-yo dieting, and overeating

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