Transform Your Relationship With Food: The Psychology Behind Nutrition

A step-by-step program to break free from restricting, yo-yo dieting, and overeating
Course Introduction: Congrats on Beginning Your Journey!
What Can You Expect?
6 mins
My Story. My Struggles. YOUR Journey.
6 mins
What The Heck Does "Overall Wellness" Mean?
5 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Taking Your Overall Wellness Inventory
5 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Overall Wellness Inventory
239 KB
The Simple Science Behind Eating Behaviors
The Many Influences of "What" We Eat And "Why"
7 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Symptoms & So What?
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Symptoms & So What?
281 KB
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 1: Eat Food
Keep It Simple!
8 mins
Become a Nutrition Label Ninja
13 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Nutrition Label Ninja
58.3 KB
Whole Foods Rule!
What To Eat Every Day
2 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Daily Dozen Scavenger Hunt
139 KB
Lovin' Some Legumes
2 mins
Fruits for Life
5 mins
Mom Knows Best - Eat Your Veggies!
5 mins
Don't Forget The Flax, Nuts, & Seeds!
5 mins
Carbs are NOT Evil
3 mins
Gimme Alllll The Spices
3 mins
Wait There's More - Water + Workouts!
3 mins
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 2: Not Too Much
Why We Overeat
4 mins
Brain-Induced Cravings
4 mins
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Mind Over Matter
29.6 KB
Food Packaging: Friend or Foe?
6 mins
ASSIGNMENT DEMO: Don't Be Deceived
3 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Don't Be Deceived
72 KB
Social & Environmental Influencers
8 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Social & Environmental Influences
28.1 KB
A Deep Dive Into Emotional Eating
SECTION PRE-ASSESSMENT: Emotional Eating Inventory
62.1 KB
What You Should Know About Restrained Eating
14 mins
ASSIGNMENT: 80/20 Rule Planner
172 KB
What You Should Know About Mood-Based Eating
9 mins
105 KB
ASSIGNMENT: Feeling Out Your Feelings
58.2 KB
What You Should Know About Impulse Eating
4 mins
ASSIGNMENT: The Impulsive Eating Wheel
119 KB
Fuel Your Body Fully
Too Much of a Good Thing or Not Enough?
8 mins
ASSIGNMENT: 3-Day Food Journal
284 KB
A Simple Eating Philosophy Pt. 3: Mostly Plants
Myth Busters: Plant Edition!
17 mins
ASSIGNMENT: Personal Protein Needs
790 KB
ASSIGNMENT: 20 Ways to Save (& Eat Well)
38.2 KB
The Power of Plants: Preventing & Reversing Chronic Disease
14 mins
ASSIGNMENT: In a World Without Chronic Disease...
23.2 KB
7-Days Plant-Strong Test Drive
2 mins
RESOURCE: 7-Day Plant-Based Kick-Start
182 KB
Course Wrap-Up: Time to Begin Your 4-Week Wise & Well Challenge!
Psychology Hacks To Make Your Transformation Stick
11 mins
Put Your Learning to Work (28-Day Challenge!)
3 mins
Your Final Challenge!
111 KB
BONUS RESOURCE: Digital Journal Prompts
41.4 MB